Christmas Collection 2023


Impress your guest with the flavourful tastes of a pork centre piece, this Christmas.

With a variety of options to choose from there is something for all festive occasions and get togethers, from mouthwatering roast pork Christmas dinner to delicious cooked ham for those family gathering buffets.

We've got you covered.

Gammon Joint

Gammon has become the second popular choice for festive meals, the curing process helps to retain the full flavour of the meat.

With a range of cooking options including boiling or roasting its easy to see why it is so popular.

Available as either a plain or smoked gammon joint.

Have you tried adding a honey glaze for an extra special taste.

£10.50 per kg


Cooked Ham Joint

Let us take away the stress of preparing and cooking with one of our pre-cooked ham joints.

Ideal for a Christmas buffet or a light meal.

£17.50 per kg


Pork Loin

Indulge in the tender juiciness of our succulent pork loin joint, complete with the rind on for creating crispy crackling.

The perfect accompaniment for and celebratory meal.

£10.50 per kg


Pork Shoulder

Taken from above the front leg, this tasty cut comes with the bone removed and skin on, for perfect crunchy crackling.

Great for roasting or slow cooking.

£10.00 per kg


If you looking for a particular cut of pork that doesn't appear on the order form simply add it to the extra information box and we will try to include it for you. If there is an issue with any requests a member of the team will contact you on receiving the order.